Privacy Policy


We at 1CLICKUAE DIGITAL MARKETING is very keen on customer security and the protection of privacy and personal information, as protecting this information takes the first priority in our list of priorities, and the privacy policy statement in front of you explains clearly and explicitly how the information related to each customer is used, what can be done about it, and how we work to protect this private information

1. Any information that a visitor provides to the 1CLICKUAE DIGITAL MARKETING is considered the customer’s information and will not be shared with any party unless the judiciary and the law request this.

2. All customer information that is provided to us by them and with their full consent is used only by the site in order to respond to their inquiries, provide them with the required information, and answer any question or inquiry.

3. As is universally known, when you visit any website, including a standard website, the server saves the following data: -

a. The date of your visit to our website (date/hour/minute/second).
b. The type and name of the browser you are using.
c. The type of device you are using (fixed/mobile device).
d. Your Internet Protocol (known as IP) address.
e. The link/site through which you were transferred to our website.

4. 1CLICKUAE DIGITAL MARKETING does not sell, barter, or display private customer data to any party in any way. All data provided to us by customers is their own data and is used by us to communicate with them, respond to their inquiries, and provide advice and advice to them.

5. For any inquiries or clarification, we are happy for you to contact us through our Contact Us page.

This statement of privacy policy may be changed from time to time, and we may, as we deem appropriate, notify you through your e-mail of any changes. Please note that any person who uses the site, its pages and services is subject to its terms and conditions, which may be amended or developed from time to time by 1CLICKUAE DIGITAL MARKETING in accordance with its absolute discretion.